Survey 35 year Class Reunion

We had a fantastic time at the recent Reunion at Remington Park.

Your feed back is valuable in planning the next reunion.

Please take a few moments to answer the survey, the results will be available for everyone to see and 

to help the next reunion committee to make valuable decisions.

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1)   * Reunion Location

2)   * Cost for Alumni Night

  Too Expensive
  Price is not a factor
  Did not attend due to cost
3)   * Alumni Dinner

  Too Expensive
  Price is not a factor
  Did Not attend due to cost
4)   * Are you in favor of a 1 night 40th Reunion?

Yes No
5)   * Which type of Reunion to you prefer

  Alumni Gathering Cash Bar and Snacks
  More structure Coctail Hour, Dinner, Dancing
  On your own, no decorations, no pre planned venue, just a date and time
6)   * Knowing you have Five years to plan and save would you be in favor of a destination Reunion?

Yes No
7)   Share your thoughts or suggestions with us.